50 Professional Flyer Bundle



This pack contains 50 Premium Quality flyers, most have 4 different background color options, and all are highly editable.

All come in logical color coded PSD files, with separate layer groups
for lighting effects, text, graphic elements and backgrounds.

And most of these flyers have editable text, free, (commercial use) font links are included for all flyers.

 I only use 100% free fonts in my flyers, so messing about with giving donations and other issues, won’t be found here!

All sub text is middle indexed in Photoshops Paragraph tab, for easy editing.

All flyer elements are professionally cleaned.

This flyer is print ready, CMYK mode, 1927×2550 dimension (6.4″x8.5″ with 0,25″ bleed) 6″x8″ print dimensions.

Flyers range from Halloween, Retro, 4th of July and Beach Party.

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Author tmcom
File Type .PSD

What will you get?

 Important – Please Read

All flyers are poster size or A6, and a part or full scale examples,  (of some of these flyers)
are available in my Fontbundles portfolio,

More Info,

  • All files are PSD.
  • Most layers are editable.
  • Most text is editable.
  • Most flyers have 4 different background color options
  • Help file is included for all flyers, giving free font links and other useful info,.

Print Details

  • 6.4″x8.5″ Actual size of flyer.
  • 6.1″x8.2″ Print dimensions.
  • 6.16″x8.24″ Total print dimensions.

More Important Info,

Models are included in some flyers, without MODELS NOT INCLUDED text.











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