Modern Textures Bundle: 300 Textures



This bundle is more like a sampler of trending textures with a little bit of everything to keep your creations fresh and on-trend in one handy bundle. From luxurious metallic marbles, rich foils, glitch art, shimmering holographic foils, watercolors, to glitter and more, this pack has it all!

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Author Designdell
File Type JPG, PNG, PDF

What will you get?

Following products are included in the bundle:

  • 30 Luxe Marble Textures Gorgeous marbled stone textures with luxurious metallic accents
  • 30 Gilded Foil Textures In various on-trend colors and shimmering textures
  • 30 Glam Glitter Textures Fine grain, chunky grain, multi-colored, choose your favourite sparkle!
  • 30 Digital Waveforms Pixel-Sort Art Ultra cool glitchy pixel-sorted textures
  • 30 Modern Marbling Effects Textures A modern take on paint marbling with liquid-like swirling textures
  • 30 Soft Watercolor Textures Simple, dreamy soft watercolor textures, great for backgrounds!
  • 30 Magical Iridescent Foil Textures Ethereal shimmering holographic textures for your inner unicorn
  • 30 Glitzy Geometric Patterns Geo patterns turned luxe with glitter and foil finishes, saved as PNG files ready to overlay on the background color of your choice
  • 30 Craft Paper Textures The perfect starting canvas, paper textures from rough recycled to bleached white art paper
  • 30 Spray Art Textures Spray art makes a comeback! Channel a retro vibe with these abstract, splattery textures






















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